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My dear friend in volleyball,

we will glad to organizer for your team training camp in Egypt in any city you like , and we proposal my city Port Said as a very good city for training camp , and we can bring many teams to play with your team in port said and we can take your team to play in different cities in Egypt , because Port Said is very near to Cairo and already we have team club for volleyball there.


الصديق العزيز في الكرة الطائرة

نحن سعداء بأن نكون منظمين لمعسكر تدريبي لفريقكم للكرة الطائرة في مصر في أي مدينة تريدنها ، ونحن نقترح مدينة بورسعيد كمدينة جيدة جدا لمعسكر تدريبي، ونحن يمكن أن نجلب العديد من الفرق للعب مع الفريق في بورسعيد، وكما يمكن أن نصحب فريقك للعب في مدن مختلفة في مصر، لأن بورسعيد هى قريبه جدا الى القاهرة وكذلك لدينا فريق للكرة الطائرة هناك



About Port Said City

معلومات حول مدنية بورسعيد

STANDING at the northern gate of the Suez Canal, Port Said is the second most important Egyptian port after Alexandria. Situated on a narrow peninsula between Lake Manzala and the Mediterranean, Port Said was founded in 1859, five years after the Suez Canal project was negotiated. It was named after Said Pasha, then Khedive of Egypt.


تقع عند البوابة الشمالية لقناة السويس، بور سعيد هي ثاني أهم الموانئ المصرية بعد الإسكندرية. تقع بورسعيد على شبه جزيرة ضيقة بين بحيرة المنزلة والبحر المتوسط ​​، تأسست في عام 1859م بعد خمس سنوات من التفاوض على مشروع قناة السويس ، وسميت بعد ذلك على اسم سعيد باشا خديوى مصر آنذاك


Just two hours from Cairo, Port Said enjoys a Mediterranean climate throughout the year. Famous as a summer resort, the city is also idyllic in the winter, offering a year-round pedestrian and children-friendly retreat. Visitors can promenade along the Corniche, or near the National Museum, watching vessels arrive at their destination via the Suez Canal.

ساعتين فقط بين القاهرة وبور سعيد وتتمتع بمناخ البحر الأبيض المتوسط ​​على مدار السنة. مشهورة مثل منتجع صيفي، وهى مدنية هادئة في فصل الشتاء، وتقدم للزوار على مدار السنة . يمكن للزوار التنزه على طول الكورنيش، أو بالقرب من المتحف الوطني، تراقب سفن تصل إلى وجهتها عبر قناة السويس


In 1976, Port Said was declared a duty-free zone, leading to its attraction as a shopping haven for Egyptians and foreign residents. Al-Toggar Street is the most famous shopping area in the city.


في عام 1976أعلنت بورسعيد كمنطقة معفاة من الرسوم الجمركية، مما يؤدي إلى جاذبيته للتسوق للمصريين والأجانب المقيمين . شارع التجارى هو منطقة التسوق الأكثر شهرة في المدينة


One of Port Said's most captivating elements is the fact that it is surrounded by water, with the Mediterranean to the north, Lake Manzala to the southwest, and the Suez Canal separating it from Port Fouad, Port Said's sister town on the eastern bank of the canal.


بور سعيد محاطة بالمياه من معظم الاتجاهات ، من منطقة البحر الأبيض المتوسط ​​في الشمال ، وبحيرة المنزلة في الجنوب الغربي، وقناة السويس فصله بين مدنية بور فؤاد و بور سعيد والتى تقع على الضفة الشرقية من القناة



For those interested in architecture, Port Said offers rich 19th-century European style -- the five-storey belle époquebuildings with their wooden balconies and high verandas providing a whimsical entrée into another time.

The Military Museum -- on 23 July Street -- is one sightseeing option. Inaugurated in 1964, the museum has paintings and dioramas of the Egypt-Israel wars in 1956, 1967 and 1973. There are exhibits of Pharaonic warfare as well. On the same street lies the National Museum, which contains a collection of artefacts dating from prehistoric, Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic periods and covers the history of the digging of the Suez Canal.

In Al-Messallah Square, Al-Nasr Museum offers pictures of Egyptian heroism against the tripartite aggression of 1956. Also, there is a memorial of the Unknown Solider for the heroes and martyrs of Port Said.

There are a number of protected areas in Port Said such as Al-Gameel, a splendid beach near Manzallah Lake, 12km west of Port Said -- an ideal spot for fishing. Tanees Island is another protected area that lies in the middle of Manzallah Lake, 9km from Port Said, and can be reached by boats.

From Port Said, visitors can head to Port Fouad -- founded in 1927 as a suburb for Suez Canal Company bureaucrats. It lies on the eastern side of the canal and is distinct because of its expanses of green surfaces and wonderful beaches such as Al- Tafri'a and Al-Zayeem.

From Port Said visitors can travel to Cairo and Alexandria via the Super Jet and West Delta buses. There are also West Delta buses to Ismailia, Suez and Al-Arish in north Sinai.

Port Said facts

Historic Mediterranean port city with an entrance to the world famous Suez Canal.

Population: 400,000

Industries: Manufacturing of cruise ships and fueling of tankers and boats passing the Suez Canal. The textiles industry is also a moneymaker.

Sights: Military Museum, the National Museum, the Suez Canal Authority Building, the Tombs of Martyrs, and Al-Messallah Square. There are also several fine beaches and protected areas.

Hotels: Helnan Port Said , Sonesta Port Said, Holiday New Concorde Noras Beach Resort

Stadium: Port Said Stadium, capacity 45,000, New Olympic City Zone, 10km (20 min) from Al-Gamil Airport, 5km (15 min) to Port Said town centre


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